It is a well known fact that the use of sunglasses

by:Getian     2020-07-31

With regular exposure to intense ultraviolet light, individuals actually increase their risk for the development of various eye diseases from cataracts, the possibility of growths or tumors on the eye as well as Cancer. The results of clinical research has led to a larger number of individuals been encouraged to wear suitable shades in order to prevent the occurrence of these associated risks. More specialists are therefore prescribing lenses with UV protection against the possibility of various disorders.

Most professionals will provide recommendations for ultraviolet radiation shades that absorb up to 99 percent of dangerous rays. Wearing a suitable hat will also assist in protection from harsh and direct light. It is therefore important that sunglasses are worn as often as is possible when outdoors and exposed to sunlight.

The summer months mark a period when the ultraviolet rays are at its peak and under such conditions, it is essential that one wear the required protection which works by absorbing UVA as well as UVB rays. One will be required to wear shades during sporting activities or when spending time at the beach. Individuals are assisted during intense periods of light especially those who are taking prescription medication and have developed a sensitivity to light.

It is important to remember that tinted shades are developed to absorb the harsh UVA and UVB rays of the sun and will not protect against specific sources of light. This means that regular glasses will not provide a suitable defense against welding light, glaring directly into the sun or tanning beds. If you were to stare at such light sources without the gear designed for looking at such sources, it could result in significant corneal and retinal damage which could result in a permanent loss of perception.

The contact lens will also not provide suitable protection for your eyes against the harmful rays of the sun. With advances in technology one is able to purchase contact lenses that include UV protection designed to absorb significant amounts of sunlight. Consider the fact that even short term exposure to sources of sunlight which can actually cause a burn to the surface of the eye.

There are a number of cumulative effects which will actually result in possible permanent eye damage. If suitable shades are not worn one may even be susceptible to developing skin cancer around eyelids. There is also an increase in the possibility of the development of cataracts.

Wholesale Sunglasses with a high UVA as well as UVB protection are designed to absorb these harsh rays. For this reason it is important that quality shades are worn when exposed to the sun. UV blocking is also available in contact lenses as it is important to incorporate protection for your visual health.

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