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In the past, 12V Led Lights had only limited uses. In most cases they were used in some digital devices and traffic lights. However, today the 12Volt Led Lights are largely used in offices and homes all over the world. Since their introduction, many home owners have been using them because of the many benefits that they come with. They have been proven to be energy efficient meaning that they consume less energy as compared to regular incandescent bulbs and CFLs. In general, they consume one tenth of the energy consumed by a regular light bulb. For this reason, the 12Volt Led Light is considered to be environmentally friendly.

Another reason that makes it environmentally friendly is the fact that it does not contain mercury. Another good thing about the LED Lighting is that its life span is longer when compared to that of regular light bulbs. When used properly, the lump can last up to ten years. These plus other benefits have made many people to consider using 12 Volt LED Lighting.

Features and benefits of LED Lighting

It turns on immediately once it has been lit. It is free from mercury. Its consistency and non-flickering features helps in reducing eye strain and tiredness. Its durable filament makes it fit even in rugged environments. It has a longer lifespan as compared to CFLs and incandescent bulbs. Its lifespan does not reduce even after turning it on and off frequently. It is infrared and UV emission-free. It reduces energy consumption and improves comfort. It is environment-friendly because it does not contain contaminants such as hydrargyrum, mercury and lead. It does not contribute to light and air pollution. It is gentle to the user's skin because it does not emit heat radiation. It only requires less maintenance since it has a high degree of efficiency.

Specifications of popular LED lighting brands

Wattage- (depends on your application and preferences) examples include 10w and 400w.Operating Voltage-11 to 28V, Type- Low Energy Flood Light High grade LED, Average life light- from 30000- 50,000 hours, Average Lumens-2,400, Operating temperature- negative 40 degrees Celsius to positive 50 degrees Celsius, Weather protection- IP65, Dimensions- Diameter 130mm, Width 185mm, Length 225mmWeight- an approximate of 2,100 grams, Color Range- Red, blue, green, warm white and cool white.

Bottom Line

Even though the 12V Led Flood Lights are more expensive when compared to other regular bulbs they can last up to ten years. Therefore, they are still cost effective considering that you will not have to buy them every now and then. It is advisable to select wisely when purchasing a 12Volt Led Light. Ensure that you purchase one that is able to illuminate the area where you want it installed. For instance, a large room requires a Led light that has a higher wattage. LED bulbs are durable and they do not contain filaments. They are great for the environment because they consume up to ninety percent less electricity. This means that carbon dioxide emissions are cut by up to ninety percent. Switching to LED lighting is very easy since manufacturers have come up with bulbs that have the same dimensions, light output and cap dimensions of conventional bulbs. With all the above benefits you can choose to give the 12 Volt LED lighting a try and enjoy the benefits that come with it.

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