In 2013, LED demand rebounds quickly and grows

by:Getian     2020-07-30

IC decryption is a kind of reverse research technology; attackers deeply study imported LED chips or advanced master slice offered by customer with some special devices and methods so as to obtain internal program on the MCU. Through this technology, LED companies can reduce chip's purchasing cost and R&D cost, absorb advanced technologies and then take them as reference to R&D of new products. The technology is widely applied to all electronics fields, covering communication, medical, military, consumer electronics, aeronautics and astronautics, Metro and so on.

In terms of current IC decryption situation, it trends to customize chips in the future, namely secondary development. In the integrated circuit market, more than 90% is the market of chip customization; hence, IC crack must make some changes accordingly. firstly let us know what chip customization is? It means to add some new functions or reduce some functions to original product during IC crack in accordance with market demands or customers' practical needs. In short, it is a kind innovation of IC decryption, not simple clone any more. Chip crack helps integrated circuit makers improve manufacturing capability within short time, so it is helpful to promote the development of LED lighting industry.

Guangdong DragonMen Computer Engineering Co., Ltd ( was founded in 1993, whose headquarter is located in Beijing. DragonMen has long committed to reverse engineering research for 20 years, mainly including PCBA clone, PCB design, IC decryption, SMT processing, prototype production and debugging, secondary development of software & hardware. Of course, DragonMen also offers chip customization and technical support to customers. Customers can get one-stop services of electronic products reverse engineering from DragonMen with best quality and price.

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