In 2008, the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony

by:Getian     2020-08-04

In 2009, the National Day parade, 60 years, the tiananmen square labeled a from China's leah's electronic technology Co., LTD.;

In 2010, the Shanghai world expo at the opening ceremony, 1 square meters of semiconductor leds (Light Emitting Diode, says LED) big screen from China's extension display technology Co., LTD, sharp......

In this seemingly unlimited scenery one of the enterprise, behind hidden LED the development of China's industry great hidden dangers. Reporters found, at present, the LED technology and patent, more than half were America, Japan, Germany and other developed countries with very few big companies possession. These patent more as the core technology patent, domestic enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises find it very difficult to get a breakthrough. In addition, the foreign enterprise has set up a file in the world, especially China, carefully deployed the patent nets, as head of one handle suspension sword of Damocles over. LED industry in China to make long-term development, must break through the patent of the layers of surrounded.

Present situation developed rapidly, but the small scale of the enterprise, not complete industry chain

As is currently the most notably, a new generation of light source, the LED because of its high brightness, low quantity of heat, long life, non-toxic, can be recycled and used again and other advantages, is called is most the prospects of development in the 21 st century green lighting light source. The LED industry in China started in the 1970 s, after nearly 40 years of development, has been formed in Shanghai, dalian, nanchang, xiamen, shenzhen, yangzhou and shijiazhuang 7 countries semiconductor lighting project industrialization base, the products are widely used in the landscape lighting and the general lighting area, our country has become the first big lighting appliances, the second largest producer and exporter of electrical lighting.

However, the LED industry research institutions--set bond LED China's online (LED inside) a statistics show that, by the end of 2009, there were more than 3000 enterprises in our country LED, among them, the annual production value amount to hundreds of millions of only 140. However, in the 140 enterprises, not a product of the enterprise sales of more than $1 billion, more than 500 million yuan and only a handful of several, most of the 100 million yuan to 200 million yuan between. Visible, although our country LED enterprise amount is more, but the scale slant generally small.

Reporter in domestic randomly picked a LED enterprise conducting interviews. Guangdong dongguan frequently on the photoelectric Co., LTD (next weighing that frequently on the photoelectric), founded in 1993, is the earlier in LED products production enterprise, and with tsinghua university to set up a LED lighting technology research institute, many domestic projects such as the national grand theatre lighting, Beijing green Olympics road lighting, F1 Shanghai circuit lighting, tsinghua university Olympic venues, lighting from all this enterprise. However, is this a domestic LED industry development 'TanLuZhe', in the face of Japan, the United States, Germany patent 'contained', also had to bypass to avoid.

'Diligent research and development on the photoelectric mainly concentrated in the downstream of the application field, in the r&d investment in the middle, and relatively few. This is largely because, foreign big companies and some of our Taiwan companies have a monopoly on the most core technology, LED domestic enterprises can only turned to look technology content is low downstream application market.' Frequently on intellectual property rights commissioner WanWei photoelectric in China's intellectual property rights news reporter in an interview on the present situation of the domestic enterprise LED to call a spade a spade.

According to reporter understanding, has basically formed the current global in Asia, North America, Europe, the three regions are the center of the industry structure, with Japan's day and chemical industry, Toyota synthesis, America's kerry, general electric, and Germany for a patent on the core technology osram competition. America, Japan enterprise in the extension of the chip technology, equipment, and has the monopoly advantage, European enterprise in the application technology advantage prominent, but in China the LED is at a low level, 80% of products focused on the landscape lighting, traffic light applications such as the market, in the automotive lighting, big screen and other high-end products involve less.

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