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by:Getian     2020-07-28


Wenger and Victorinox were two Swiss companies that were established at the end of the nineteenth century. Both these companies manufactured Swiss Army cutlery. But, in 1988 Wenger started producing stylish and rugged men and women's watches other than knives. Then Victorinox acquired Wenger in the year 2005. However, it has been since then that Victorinox is manufacturing Swiss Army Watches for men and women keeping the high quality of the timepieces in mind.

Emblem and Label

The designer of the Swiss Army watches, Victorinox, has used a cross in a shield as its emblem since 1990. Earlier, they made watches with just 'Swiss Army' on the dial but now in each of the luxury timepieces you will see one more word added before Swiss Army. The word added is Victorinox and this addition is basically the celebration of having been in the industry for 125 years. Early Timepieces

Early timepieces of this brand contained quartz movements and they were durable, utilitarian and inexpensive. The brand was already popular among the householders for its knives and so Swiss Army wasn't a completely new brand to people. And it is this thing that the watch brand capitalized on for marketing its timepieces. However, after Victorinox acquired Wenger, it focused on adding fashionable and expensive dress watches to the collection.

Military style

Swiss Army's Night Vision II military style quartz timepiece epitomizes the basic design of the watchmaker. It characterizes the iconic logo of Swiss cross against the red shield on black, round dial. The watch is water proof to 50 meters, has a date calendar and features a stainless steel bracelet. There is a light module, which provides 3 various sources of light: blue LED dial illumination, LED flashlight and a red LED multifunction light.

Automatic wristwatches

The brand provides automatic and quartz watches. So, this means Swiss Army watches require very low maintenance, they do not have to be wound, they do not have a battery and is known in the market mainly for its mechanical quality. The timepieces are wound through the motion of wearer's wrist. They are just ideal for outdoors and sport enthusiasts because they never stop running unexpectedly.

Pocket watches

The brand manufactures a limited line of desk alarm and pocket watches. Their pocket watches feature mineral glass crystals, stainless steel cases, chains along with leather pouches and second time zone dials.


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