How to solve the LED street lamps, there are still issues

by:Getian     2020-07-26

Do you think that in 2011 LED the market dimensions of the street lamps have how old?

Preliminary estimates, 2011 LED the market capacity street lamps in 50 ~ 8 billion.

At present, the LED street lamp to further application of the market the existing problem is???????

From a technical perspective has no too many questions, for general corporations major difficulties in chip encapsulation technology route choice and judgment, which, of course, also won't have too big effect. Power drive, with light, heat dissipation, now the technology has matured, these problems you can get a good solution. In fact, the power supply life do 2 ~ 30000 hours is no problem, better can do 50000 hours, if the source of the life can do 100000 hours, with very good driving power supply is also a change of 5 years, stood in the user's perspective is also acceptable.

Mounting at present and does not have uniform standard, have a plenty of single package, have a plenty of integrated packaging, single encapsulation relatively simple, integrated packaging relatively complex, cost is high, with light and reliability would have problems. The phenomenon of the zebra grain main or light distribution problem, based on light source and the design of the light distribution should be perfected.

At present, the LED street lamp of the average efficacy level reached 75 ~ 95 lm/W, development and reform commission requirement is 85 lm/W, has a very high, with foreign chip can also do it. The traditional sodium lamp light efficiency is 50 ~ 60 lm/W, must be doing less than 90 lm/W such efficiency, from this point, LED the street lamp energy advantage has prominent.

To be successful application of the market is to develop into a key right the lamp of performance to price ratio, namely the economy ShiYongXing lamp, represent the mainstream market demand.

Intensity of illumination and brightness of the evaluation standard has some dispute, how do you see?

About the intensity of illumination and brightness of the evaluation standard, some experts suggest more should be the brightness and the intensity of illumination of the evaluation standard, it is totally stood in the academic point of view, the pursuit of an ideal state, but the truth is, more than general enterprise is difficult to have the conditions of the measurement brightness, even though some of the street lamp management office is also hard to have such a condition. The future in this respect may realize breakthrough, but now with brightness do it may not be realistic standard, still need to related testing equipment and testing means supporting.

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