Have you ever faced a problem of laptop shutdown

by:Getian     2020-07-19

So, here are some quick tips to enhance your laptop's battery life.

1. Adjust screen brightness to low

You can reduce your screen brightness to increase your Windows laptop's battery life. The modern machines come with LED backlights that are far better in terms of picture quality as well as power consumption.

Choose wisely as a lower brightness setting may also hamper your eye sight and may create irritating situations. Set it according to your comfort level as reduced screen brightness may work excellent in cafe than in a fully-lighted room. You can easily reduce the power of the display by enabling the automatic backlight controls in Windows. For doing the same navigate through the following simple steps:

Step1. Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Power Options

Step2. Click 'Change plan settings' for activating the power plan

Step3. Choose 'an aggressive timeout' according to your need to dim the display and turn off the display during specified amount of inactivity

2. Disable Bluetooth and other hardware devices

Your laptop may have Bluetooth radio, an infrared (IR) port and other highly connective hardware devices, which consume a lot of your laptop's battery percentage, when enabled. It is advisable to turn them off or disable them when they are not in use to enhance battery life of your device.

Always disable Wi-Fi if you aren't using it, this will also help in saving some more power. Press 'Bluetooth symbol key' for disabling the Bluetooth while Wi-Fi can be disabled by turning off the Wi-Fi adapter in the network connections window under 'Control Panel.'

3. Go for 'Power Saver' setting

It is highly recommended to change your power options to 'Power Saver' setting rather than choosing 'Balanced' setting, when you need to save extra energy. Windows has in-built power plans, which can instantly change your laptop's power settings to your desired ones. You can easily modify these power plans under Control Panel's 'Power Options' window. Choose 'Balanced' mode when you have plugged-in the charger and use 'Power Saver' mode, when away.

You can also make changes in advanced power options by clicking 'Change plan settings link' and selecting 'Change advanced power settings' in Control Panel. Choosing settings such as switch off the hard drive and slow down the processor when the fan turns hot, also helps in saving power.

4. Use lighter Startup programs

It is advisable not to use a screensaver if you are planning to save power on your laptop. Screensavers are unnecessary on modern hi-tech displays and will surely drain your valuable battery by wasting it for non-productive activity. Avoid storing heavy data on your RAM as it may slow down the machine and use extra space in hard drive, which in return can drain your laptop's battery.

Choose to run only important programs in the background as it will not only speed up your machine but will also help in saving a lot of power. Examine your list of programs closely and uninstall or disable them from getting started automatically during boot. Focus mainly on reducing CPU usage by selecting lighter programs in place of heavy ones.

5. Choose Hibernate over Sleep

When you choose sleep, the laptop uses a small amount of power for keeping itself on a standby mode so that it can resume in few seconds, when needed. Although, when you set your laptop on hibernate mode it saves the system state to disk and powers off, resulting in using almost no power. So, next time set it on hibernate mode during long working hours as it consumes as much battery as a computer consumes in switched off mode.

Use the above mentioned tips to save as much power as you can because it's not always possible to get a charging port everywhere. It is recommended to take a break if your battery is running low and you are not doing any important task. Check your laptop's battery level before leaving your house and if you're out, then adopt these tips to save power for your urgent tasks.

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