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by:Getian     2020-07-29

The study was published by by laser expert Ronald G. Wheeland, (MD MD, professor and chief of dermatologic surgery, University of Missouri-Columbia NOT some DIY self confessed laser enthusiasts SO it looks like the real deal.

The results of the study are:

'While the portable diode laser was clearly effective in reducing the amount of hair in the treated areas, the device also proved to be safe when used by appropriate users,' noted Dr. Wheeland. 'The only observed side effect was mild-to-moderate redness, which typically resolved in less than 30 minutes, and slight pain during treatment. Overall, subjects reported being very satisfied with their results.'

Safe and effective hair removal??? Say no more. Brazilians will soon be performed at home in complete privacy with infrared laser pointers instead of at commercial clinics with HOT WAX!!!

WARNING: Do not use generic IR laser pointers for hair removal

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