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Getian Popular Vertical Chip Design 600W Led Module-Rita

Getian Popular Vertical Chip Design 600W Led Module-Rita


Want to find high power/high lux density led light source for your stage lights/entertainment lights? Getian is your right choice.

Getian glad to anounce that vertical chip led module production technology has been very mature. Today want to share with you Getian popular vertical chip led module GT-PST600 (super high power 600W led module)

Special features of the GT-PST600 led module


1. ALN Ceramic Base + Red Copper Base 

2. Square & Small LES  

3. Eutectic Welding technique 

4. Orsam Vertical chip 

5. Equiped with thermistor and temperature sensor 

6. double film-coated glass cover

7. High power & lux density with ultimate reliability

8. Bi-Circuitry 300W*2

9. Dual-color available


With Osram 120°vertical chip and 14.5*14.5mm small light emitting surface, GT-PST600 led module’s lux-density become stronger. Also, ALN Ceramic Base , Red Copper Base and Eutectic Welding technique lead to fast conductivity of heat. Super high power, super high lux-density, good performance of the heat conduction makes the GT-PST600 led module become the best led choice for the stage lights/Entertainment lights.


It is widely applied in stage light/entertainment lights, such as searchlight,projector light,  spotlight, beam light, follow spots etc.


What are you waiting for if you are looking for such type of led module? Contact Getian!

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