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by:Getian     2020-08-01

Display Terminal commonly function as Human Machine Interface (HMI) LCD module are any devices that display and/or acquire user information. Basically it's a combination of keypad/keyboard + LCD or touch screen display module. These devices encompass various sizes LCD (1x20, 2x16, 4x16, 4x20, etc) with matrix keypad (2x3, 4x3, 4x4 etc).

How-To Choose a Display Module for your Human Machine Interface:

When choosing a LCD Module the following parameters should be considered:

Number of Inputs/Outputs: Types of user inputs (keypad or touch). Types of outputs (LED, LCD)

Software communication easiness: How easy it is to send information to user and easiness to acquiring user information.

Power: Most modules require plug-in adapter or battery operated. Kreatit Design provide module with power input ranging from 3.5V to 30V.

Display size: For most application, the size of the display is important; however, for device that require less user interaction, a small size maybe more appropriate. Kreatit Design offer module with display size ranging from 3.5' to 18.5'.

Memory size: In many applications space is a limitation. In those cases the size of the module's memory may be a critical selection parameter. Size of memory will determine how fast an image switch whereas module with small or no memory require image to be transmitted to it at the time of user interaction.

Price: Prices are generally reasonable but does vary drastically from manufacturer to manufacturer

Support: Most manufacturer offer good customer support but when dealing with LCD Module software interface code you want technical support. Be careful of companies with lack of technical support. You paid for quality so you deserve quality technical support and but just customer support. Check out Kreatit Design.

Buying a LCD Module can be difficult but with the correct information along with your design specification it can be really easy. Just do the right amount of research. This will keep you from making costly mistakes in your purchase. Double check with someone who has experience in purchasing serial LCD Modules if you are unsure about something.

With the new Smart Serial LCD Terminal Module, designers should find it easier to create attractive, intuitive user interfaces for handheld and stationary devices. Compared to competing solutions, these modules reduce software-development time by as much as 95% and more importantly it reduces design cost. The module also allows rich content. From that content, control screens can be easily developed. Such content can then support enhanced text, audio and/or video interaction between the user and the application using sample C language for any microcontroller.

Kreatit's display modules are available for as little as $45USD.

Providing top quality brands in Serial LCD Module and Embedded PC, you can count on Kreatit to provide you with the correct solution for your embedded designs.

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