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by:Getian     2020-08-06

Changes made

The tangible changes for the 2013 Hyundai Genesis models include an upgraded navigation module along with multimedia controls that really puts you in the driver's seat. The dashboard interface comes loaded with additional navigational and steering information that you will surely find user-friendly. Further, whenever Hyundai has gone in introducing new features, it's always been technologically oriented. For instance, the navigation system features the automaker's trademark Bluelink telematics.


The Hyundai Genesis 2013 sedan/coupe series for the models, the 3.8 liter or the 5-liter will be unleashed in two standard packages- the Premium Package and the Technology Package. The standard features available in the premium pack have been added on the technology pack while its standalone features sets it apart. While you end up paying $44, 180 for the 3.8 liter V6 stacked with all the features, the 5-liter V8 model where the technology package is the standard will make you lighter by around $47, 700.

The new look 2013 series from Hyundai is sure to cast a spell on you the moment you cast your eyes on it. It's an absolute stunner when you look at it from any angle. If looks could kill, the Genesis Coupe 2013 is sure to stop you in your tracks. The headlamps and the rear end LED lamps are uber class and increase visibility during foggy weather. The aerodynamic design with its front grille arches, hooded accents and 19-inch silver alloy wheel rims make for an immaculate sports car.

Added specifications

The 3.8 liter model packs in quite a punch with 333 hp while the 5-liter with 429 hp really flashes past your eyes. Talking about mileage and fuel efficiency, the automated transmission with paddle shifts and two extra gears saves your gasoline. Step inside the Hyundai Genesis 2013 to get carried away by its sleekness with a 5.6 display on the console with bluetooth, iPod USB compatibility, CD changer and much more. The Genesis 2013 is available in a vibrant range of colors like Dynamic Yellow, Stirring Silver, Crystal Copper and much more.

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