'Eleventh Five-Year' period, China's steady expansion

by:Getian     2020-08-06

First, the Electronic Development Fund for capital investment in digital audio-visual field conditions and project support

2006 to 2010, e-development projects funded digital audio-visual class 156, a total investment of 342.5 million yuan, focusing on the terrestrial digital TV, satellite TV, laser disc players, digital home technology products such as intelligent terminals, to drive business to invest more than more than 20 billion yuan.

Second, the Electronic Development Fund to support advanced digital audiovisual industry to upgrade and rapid development

'Eleventh Five-Year' period, focusing on e-Development Fund to upgrade the color TV industry, digital television, independent audio and video standards, digital home, the new rural construction product technology R & D and industrial applications.

(A) the color TV industry made significant progress in restructuring and upgrading, and constantly improve the digital TV industry chain

Electronic flat-panel TV Development Fund to the integration module and the whole production line and related facilities to support key industries, 2006 to 2010, arrangements for electronic development fund 16 projects, total investment of 63 million yuan.

In the Electronic Development Fund of the support and guidance, has been built, under construction 6G and above LCD panel production line 7, PDP panel production lines, multiple plasma and LCD backlight modules and the whole integrated production line has been built and put into production, new products are emerging. TV production from 83.72 million units in 2006 to grow to 114 million units in 2010, of which 62.7% average annual growth of flat-panel TVs, accounting for color TV in 2006 rose from 25% to 79.1% in 2010, accelerated industrial restructuring. 2008 to 2010, domestic brands to maintain 70% market share, key enterprises of color TV market share of retail sales in more than 10%.

In the Electronic Development Fund support China's digital TV industry has a self-developed digital TV front-end equipment, transmission equipment, terminal equipment, the ability to receive.

(B) the standard of independent audio-visual system gradually improved, a major breakthrough in international applications

2006 to 2010, the electronic development fund focusing on AVS, DRA, DTMB, CBHD and other standards related to product development and the promotion and application, arranged 41 projects, total investment of 108 million related to video surveillance systems, digital TV terminals, laser video disc players, digital home product areas such as intelligent terminals.

Development Fund in support of electronic, AVS, DRA, DTMB and CBHD, entered the industrialization stage, ASIC supporting capacity enhancement. AVS into the ITU-TIPTV international standards, DRA in the Blu-ray high-definition video disc standard, etc. are applied. Information equipment and resource sharing agreements, and text-based application framework, 'General Requirements for home multimedia gateway,' were published as ISO and IEC international standard. DTMB has successfully landing Laos and Cambodia.

(C) the ability to significantly enhance business innovation, steady improvement in overall strength

Backbone of the TV companies have mastered the full HD, LED backlighting, ultra-thin, frequency and other new technology, the introduction of the LED backlight TV, 3D TV and intelligent TV and other new products.

The backbone of domestic color TV enterprises rising overall competitiveness, all finalists hundred electronic information enterprises in 2010 the top 20; Hisense led the drafting of the LED backlight points IEC/TC110 normative standards, and with the Korean companies to co-lead the drafting of the total light of standards, the series standard by the Chinese companies responsible for the first time; our whole enterprise in the ASEAN, Africa, the research established a complete production and marketing system, some companies overseas brands accounted for more than 30%.

(D) the key for the triple play of digital home technology and growing level of product development, substantial progress in promoting a triple play

2010, the Electronic Development Fund, focusing on the digital home of the intelligent terminal development and pilot application, developed with independent intellectual property core technology of digital home standards and core products, construction, information services, cultural interaction platform, launched a pilot application .

'Eleventh Five-Year' period, the Electronic Development Fund under the guidance of Hisense Group and Wuhan Hi-tech, broadcasting, Hubei, Hunan and Hunan Radio and Television High Isbell, Chaoge number of digital media such as China and Zhejiang each joint, respectively, in Wuhan, Changsha, Hangzhou and other places to carry out a pilot digital home, digital home industry and to promote the Business of cooperation, and promote the integration of industry model innovation.

(V) support the safety of the satellite TV receiving system R & D and pilot applications, and promote a new socialist countryside construction

To support a new socialist countryside construction, electronics development fund to support research and development of direct broadcast satellite television receiving system security and safety of a new generation of satellite TV receiving system in rural areas, and throughout the country, especially the Sichuan earthquake disaster area for the application of the pilot, a total benefit of 25,000 villagers and the officers and men, to promote harmonious social development played a positive role.

Electronic Development Fund has effectively led the labor force growth. 'Eleventh Five-Year' period, a total of 2.25 million new labor force, the average project to add 150 people, raising the employment rate of the community played a positive role.

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