DIGITIMES Research points out, OLED utilized in

by:Getian     2020-07-24

In addition, OLED due to space characteristic, is suspended from the ceiling is not caused by oppressive feeling, because both surface source property, rather than as fluorescent lamp light source, such as a LED or to point to the high point light source, the OLED light source distribution is more uniform, can reduce the shadow existence.

As for the other lighting technology in thickness and OLED compared, has the obvious difference.Because the application of traditional lighting fluorescent lamp tube, the diameter of thick, plus the shade, set in the ceiling will highlight the piece.And LED manufacturer is recently developing thin planar light source style lamps, but because the LED mining side placed design, need to use LED light guide plate will sooth even import entire lighting, and the light guide plate can block LED light source, is affects the LED lamp brightness.

DIGITIMES Research, in the rising consciousness of environmental protection, are currently using the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp will be replaced, therefore, Europe and the United States, local manufacturers to develop OLED lighting position is positive, although the initial OLED lighting is a OLED display individual, first in a niche market, but if you can play OLED in lighting category specific advantage, it is expected to become the next wave high-profile target illumination technology.

Last night, with 'ink Danqing, make stained storied' as the theme of the Baita Mountain night lighting project officially started, more than 2600 sets of the progress of energy-saving lamps according to the layout, the twinkling of an eye, colorful lights and undulating mountains mountain, antique building, a wild profusion of vegetation of trees to converge into a like nature itself -- highest quality ink and wash painting picture.

As we have learned, Baita Mountain night lighting project areas important to mountain and the surrounding on both sides of the mountain as the core, covering the forest of Steles, the Yellow River customs line of ancient buildings, a total of more than 2600 sets of setting fixture, divided into three kinds of lighting modes: holidays pattern, the daily pattern, energy saving mode.

Day 20 am, municipal Party committee member, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Chengguan District Party committee secretary, gold Xiangming, Chengguan District Party committee deputy secretary, mayor Zhang Guo start Baita Mountain night lighting engineering, lighting flash bright Ambilight, the light projected onto a mountain, and the mountain of the ups and downs, antique building, a wild profusion of vegetation of trees embraced each other, the mountain is dressed as a picture scroll of like nature itself -- highest quality ink.

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