Different emerging industries spring up in different eras

by:Getian     2020-07-30

An important factor speeds up this industry's development, namely support from Chinese government. However, there are some hidden troubles affecting sound development of LED lighting. At present, most companies are small and medium-size scale, what's more, one fifth of which are likely to face closure this year. Why does this happen?

LED chips are mainly imported from overseas, and more than half core technologies are owned by few foreign big companies. Price of imported chip is very high and price of LED lights falls gradually, so small and medium-size enterprises only obtain meager profits, extremely difficult to survive.

To change the situation, enterprises should absorb chip technology through IC decryption when import chips. There are some loopholes and defects on MCU and attacker use a variety of technology methods and devices to get MCU program, this is called IC decryption. Decryption technology is used for researching high-tech chip to learn and master core technology; IC technology import can reduce cost as well as enterprise's burden.

Additionally, LED companies must enhance independent R&D ability for mastering core technologies. By IC decryption, improvement or new innovative element is added to the IC, making a better or fully new integrated circuit, thus can shorten R&D cycle and save money. Enterprises also can proceed chip reverse engineering based on original one to solve existing problems.

Duangdong DragonMen Computer Engineering Co., Ltd was established in 2005; its Beijing headquarter was founded in 1993, the largest reverse engineering in China. The company has long committed to reverse engineering for 20 years, including IC decryption, PCBA clone, electronic product clone and secondary development, PCB design, chip reverse engineering, OEM/ODM processing and much more. DragonMen has reached great achievements in this field. http://www.pcbaclone.com

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