China's lighting industry and LED lighting

by:Getian     2020-08-04

June 9, afternoon, in the 2011 guangzhou international lighting fair held the 'Asian LED lighting peak BBS' on, China association of lighting electric current chairman of Mr. ChenYanSheng do the theme of 'China lighting industry and LED lighting' interesting report.

ChenLi things first introduced the general situation of the lighting industry in our country. He said China lighting electrical industry more than ten years maintained a rapid and stable, sustainable development trend, the 2010 industry sales more than 300 billion yuan, the export volume reached 18.5 billion us dollars. The national lighting electrical production enterprise more than 1, our country has become a global illumination products production and export power. But he also analysis the characteristics of the enterprise that China lighting is small in scale, quantity, so in '1025' period, to grow strength, enlarging the scale; Encourage conditional enterprise listed, use of capital market will enterprise bigger and stronger.

The second half part, ChenLi things introduces the application and development of LED lighting. He said the LED illumination have permeated ordinary lighting area, no matter in indoor or outdoors all have great applications, but in high power LED outdoor lighting, he thinks should not be big range promotion, should take the pilot is given priority to, avoid to cause waste. He also thinks lighting products, simple a photosynthetic efficiency index is far from enough, it must be strictly quality requirements. First is safety requirements, the second is the performance requirements of products. The product is again energy efficiency requirements. Should notice to the three primary sequence, deal with the relationship between the three.

He proposed that the main energy used for enterprise LED lighting related to areas of research and development, in the technical to his feet on the ground, do not want echo what other says, in terms of investment don't blindly follow suit, quick returns. And advocate the related government department to provide enterprises with good policy environment, should not be too much intervention enterprise normal production and operation.

Mainland China LED chips emerge 2013 years ago the competitive advantage in six concentration will be on the mainland look at 57% in MOCVD subsidy policy driven, not only for the global demand for MOCVD equipment's crown, and LED industry position in the global is gradually valued. But if the individual LED chip industry competitiveness mainland to see, present situation of extreme the good and bad are intermingled, this is also the mainland 1025 plan industrial policy, said that future continental LED chips should be the development towards the men, such as Europe, America, Japan national sort, the countries LED chip industry only 2 ~ 3 large-scale and strength strong companies.

Mainland LED industry policy is only to provide large development direction, will not be involved in every manufacturer management, accordingly, to LED chips for industry, to improve their competitive strength, it will have access to the mainland market. The following criterion with financial face, capacity face, and technology research and development layout industry chain, to analyze the main LED chips mainland factory competitiveness.

In accordance with the above indexes DIGITIMES, list the mainland LED chip industry potential providers, including three Ann photoelectric, German hao embellish of, tsinghua tongfang, ShiLan Ming core, Shanghai blu-ray, dry as photoelectric, etc. And mainland LED chips in industry appear exits situation, and with large scale and stable operation of the factory negotiate MOCVD machine is used to sell LED matters, therefore, DIGITIMES estimated mainland LED chip industry concentration will be higher, the 2013 will look at 57%.

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