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by:Getian     2020-08-03

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The New iPod touch

The new iPod touch continues to be what it has always been: a thinner, less expensive, telephone-free version of the latest iPhone. Compared to the previous version, the new iPod touch is also faster (thanks to an A5 chip) and gains much improved 1080p front and 5MP rear cameras, support for Siri and AirPlay Mirroring, new Bluetooth 4 and dual-band WiFi, and is now available (for the first time) in a variety of colors, each paired with a novel wrist strap that attaches to a retracting Loop holder.

The new iPod touch is also bundled with Apple's new EarPod headphones, albeit without the integrated mic and playback controls that come with the iPhone 5 version. Also missing is a version smaller than 32GB or cheaper than $299. In this case, we can enjoy our ipod music on the go with ease. (Hot guide: copying ipod music to mac)

The New iPod touch Hardware

Physically, the newest iPod touch (besides offering the larger tall-widescreen iPhone 5 Retina Display) is most obviously differentiated by its bright selection of color options. Previous models were all a very serious looking mix of black and chrome, up to the release of a white-faced version one year ago.

The thin new case is punctuated by the Loop holder mechanism, its LED flash, mic and camera lens its standard buttons on the top and side (volume only, unlike the iPod nano), a window for WiFi, and its Lightning connector, headphone jack and speaker grill on the bottom.

The New iPod Touch A5

The component specs of the previous iPod touch was about equal with the 2010 iPhone 4: Retina Display (although a lower quality version with 18-bit color) and A4 chip (albeit paired with 256MB, half the system RAM of iPhone 4 and the same as an iPhone 3GS). It remained there for two years.

The New iPod Touch Camera

The best example of this improvement: Apple saddled previous iPod touch models with nearly worthless cameras. This year, the high end 5G version gets a front facing FaceTime HD camera on par with iPhone 5, which provides very good 720p video (but only serviceable 1.2MP photos; it's still intended primarily for video). This is much better than the (0.3MP) VGA camera Apple put on the iPhone 4S, previous iPod touches and even its new iPad.

Overall however, Apple's latest iPod touch is its best ever, with a real camera, bigger and better screen, enough horsepower to keep up with the entirety of iOS 6 and fun new colors that should attract new buyers to the iOS platform via a product that Steve Jobs once called 'training wheels' for the iPhone.

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