Applied Materials, Inc. shall be invited by the

by:Getian     2020-07-18

San Francisco is the first stop of the delegation's visit. Xie Zhengyi line upon arrival, immediately paid a visit to Applied Materials Chairman and CEO Dr. Mike Splinter, senior, and details the economic and social development of Yangzhou situation, investment environment and the development of new industries I hope not only in the Yangzhou Applied Materials solar PV manufacturing line cutting equipment, but also the future equipment manufacturing semiconductor chips, flat panel display devices, LED devices and other equipment. Mike Splinter said Dr. Block is not only beautiful Yangzhou city, photovoltaic and LED industry is highly developed, the company has many development opportunities in Yangzhou new equipment on the project, is to see the good of the industry of Yangzhou foundation and development environment, the future will be in Yangzhou to LED, rechargeable batteries and other sectors. Xie Zhengyi attended Yangzhou Economic Development Zone with the U.S. Applied Materials equipment manufacturing signing ceremony of cooperation projects.

The new U.S. technology company principally engaged in the day to amorphous silicon thin film technology and equipment research and development, manufacturing and solar power system integration, design and construction and installation, is currently under construction in the Hanjiang 300MW thin-film amorphous silicon solar projects. Xie Zhengyi Kangtai with the CEO and other executives met Ouyang said, Yangzhou, as a new day will continue to support the project to the company, Yangzhou, and hope that the new attention on China's solar energy market, accelerate research and development equipment and technology to improve .

In Boston, Xie Zhengyi visited the E-Ink Corporation. E-Ink Corporation upstream material suppliers for the book, about 90% of the market using e-books E-Ink display technology, Yangzhou Development Zone Chuanqi produced electronic paper display module fully use the company's e-paper display materials key technologies and patents. Xie Zhengyi welcome to visit the company's executives to Yangzhou, and the company hopes to further increase cooperation with Yangzhou business support Chuanqi company bigger and stronger.

Sensata's the world's leading sensor, electrical protection, control and power management solutions provider, currently there are sensors in Baoying cooperation projects. Xie Zhengyi and his party made a special trip to visit the company's chairman and chief executive Raozong Tang, president of Masha Su Levin and other executives hope the company to accelerate Baoying projects to further expand investment in the Young, and received a positive response.

Hudson is a global leader in clean energy-focused private equity fund, the company hopes to establish strategic cooperation with Yangzhou municipal government partnership to jointly set up the China's leading private equity investment in clean energy companies, clean energy market in China development. Xie Zhengyi and co-founder and managing partner Neil Auerbach, Mr. exchange said it would fully support the company's cooperation with the Hudson Fund. Neil Auerbach said that the recent smart meters will be organized enterprise Landi Lgyr Swiss company, the Spanish power control and conversion products manufacturer W2pS companies, the U.S. soft thin film solar company Solo Power companies and other enterprises to Young study, the global LED business will also be organized to Yang held LED conferences.

Jiangsu Province held in New York (U.S.) economic cooperation and trade exchange meeting, the Hudson fund companies and the city signed a strategic cooperation agreement. At the meeting, the delegation also forming merchants, and Emerson Electric Company President and Chief Operating Officer Edward Monser, IBM senior vice president Frank Kern, Oracle Global Technology Director Philip Antoniades, chairman and managing director at Barclays Capital Roosevelt IV, Caterpillar vice president of China and a number of important customers KevinR Thienema conducted in-depth exchanges.

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