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by:Getian     2020-07-24

'3D plasma and a high degree of fit between the plasma by the attention of the root causes,' a TV industry expert pointed out that 'plasma TV has a higher refresh rate, but also in the display area size advantage compared to LCD TVs, At the same time with high contrast, high color and high degree of dynamic resolution and other advantages, it also displays 3D images provide the best platform. In addition, plasma television with the advantage of the dynamic resolution is also directly solve the 3D display ghosting the problem. '

In addition, the cost factor has become another major advantage of plasma. It is understood that the liquid crystal display to achieve the increased cost of 3D, at least five times higher than plasma, and plasma in the realization of 3D technology and almost no costs. According to Changhong TV relevant responsible person said, the TV manufacturers, the plasma's gross margin is 2 times higher than the LED, in particular, to achieve the integration of the whole screen and after production, industry profit margins can be improved even more unprecedented.

As both technology and cost advantages are obvious, and foreign TV companies for the project plasma rising degree of concern, Changhong, Panasonic plasma, led by 'main force' continues to plant expansion, Samsung, TCL, Konka, Hisense, Skyworth , Haier and other TV brands have been involved in, or return to the field of plasma.

Data show that production of Changhong COC PDP project has been planned production capacity from 2.16 million increase to 3 million, the future will be able to fully meet the needs of domestic plasma market. In the foreign brands, Shanghai Matsushita Plasma project's groundbreaking ceremony has been held in SP3, and its plasma panels from the production capacity of 300,000 units per year to 300 million; and Hitachi in central China and Anhui Xin Hao's annual output of 1.5 million co-42-inch plasma panel production line has also been formally put into operation, in addition, Samsung is also the yield from the original 5 million expansion to 700 million.

For plasma, LCD camps of the new round of games, some industry sources, since the popularity of flat-panel TVs in China, mainly in the 42-inch plasma over large areas and the absolute market advantage, but because the proportion of small and medium-size LCD large quantities, leading to the plasma market advantage has been undervalued by the market. With the plasma display technology in combination with the 3D technology on display a huge advantage and potential space, the growth of plasma TV over LCD.

Accumulate usher in the market inflection point

Full recovery of the plasma TV is completely due to the rise of 3D? Plasma industry is how to do the rise of adversity? In this regard, TV industry experts believe that, although the 3D technology for the plasma industry catalyst is undeniable, but the overall point of view, the plasma industry overall speed is the result of many.

On a global scale, the plasma has gradually been recognized as the next mainstream display. Information statistics, over 40-inch big-screen TV market, the plasma TV market share close to 70% absolute advantage.

Echoes with the international environment, domestic and other ions in the 3D display of the unique advantages to get more market share. 42 inches or more, especially 50-inch size, plasma has a considerable price advantage, market share and profitability significantly better than the same size LCD products. Changhong, for example, Changhong has now launched 58 inches, 63 inch range of 3D Opel TV.

On this basis, the plasma industry breakthrough in the upstream industry chain has to have a higher and lower lung liquid crystal and confidence. It is understood, Changhong has achieved the integration of PDP module and machine production, realized from the PDP panel display substrates, and power components to drive the integration of the whole product design, according to market demand for machine definition, to avoid the function and performance in the screen module and the lack of redundancy, effectively increasing the competitiveness of their products. In comparison, the LCD panel 70% still produced by the Japanese and Korean companies, as well as 30% of panel production from Taiwan, in this situation, 'self-made screen' has an impact on both profit margins important factor.

In addition to market conditions and changes in industrial structure, consumer demand for high-definition large-screen televisions to pick up further stimulate the revival of the plasma industry. According to 'China's urban consumer demand for flat-panel TV Investigation Report' shows that 70% of users with LCD TV purchase intention than the second, the second purchase of flat-panel TVs, plasma TVs, 87% of users still choose Plasma TV. Obviously, the plasma TV higher than the user's loyalty LCD TV user, which allow plasma manufacturers confidence.

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