apple a13 soc for 2019 iphone models said to enter mass production in mid-2019 using tsmc’s new 7nm euv process

by:Getian     2020-08-07
According to the Business Times, a Chinese business newspaper, quoted by the digital times, Apple\'s next iPhone series will be built around a new, improved processor made with 7nm processes.
According to Apple\'s naming convention, the new chip is presumed to be A13, and will be the first chip to use the new 7nm extremely ultraviolet exposure Technology (EUV)
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Companycalled N7 Pro.
Apple announced last year that the current iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR use the A12 bionic processor also produced by TSMC, but use the first
The generation FinFET process called n7.
A12 Bionic is the first production 7nm smartphone processor, although Huawei announced its 7nm Kirin 980 before the release of the 2018 iPhone family.
At present, I don\'t know what the new N7 Pro process is different from the previously confirmed Huawei EUV process, which will be used for Huawei\'s upcoming Kirin 985, according to the digital times.
TSMC will begin to increase the mass production of these two 7nm EUV processes in the second quarter of this year, which will meet the typical schedule of Apple\'s annual iPhone launch Huawei Mate series update.
The new EUV process should allow for more accurate manufacturing, which may increase density and performance while reducing power consumption and heat dissipation.
EUV has been on the roadmap for semiconductor manufacturers for more than ten years, but it has not been widely used for mass production due to its cost and complexity.
Both Apple and Huawei have designed their own smartphone processors.
And will compete with Qualcomm 7nm Snapdragon 855 used by many manufacturers.
TSMC is the largest processor contract manufacturer in the world, and all three companies use TSMC.
TSMC is also building its own 5 m production facility, low
It is said that mass production will be carried out this year and mass production will begin early next year.
There are rumors that Apple will cut iPhone production after demand is reduced, especially in China.
This led to a reduction in revenue forecasts for several Apple supply chain companies, including TSMC.
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