Along with the global market demand LED to increase

by:Getian     2020-08-07

In the future, we will increase our r&d investment, reduce the cost, improve the performance, we are now quite a lot of business from Asia. Now the Chinese government is very concerned about the energy, energy saving, I think this is a very good momentum, especially the Chinese government has recently said will be eliminated incandescent lamp, this is a good news, will accelerate the development of the market LED.

In the past ten years, we see equipment market very big progress, but in the last few years, we find that the development of the industry by some influence, because now about LED back lighting, and lighting the actual demand of the market may not as we imagine so strong, challenges still exist.

We think, 2015 global LED demand could be more than 22 billion us dollars, compound annual growth rate of 33%, according to our forecast, LED TV backlight exports will increase 13% in 2011 and LED back lighting will reach the market penetration of 43%, to 78% in 2013.

The current the important thing is that the photosynthetic efficiency improvement and cost reduction must match, in this respect, we do a lot about how to make the cost reduction of study and trying, also a breakthrough, but we want to know, in LED lighting, now it's only a start, LED lighting use on many occasions, as an outdoor, industrial lighting, lighting, indoor lighting such as commercial, industrial lighting share of about 15%, commercial lighting about 22%, indoor accounted for about 28%, other is outdoor lighting, this is 2015 years of the development of the market forecast.

GE Lighting Solution technology vice President Gerald E Duffy

This year's a trend is the development of the chip industry is not very optimistic that we in many years ago to expect, led chips will happen in fierce competition. This is why we did not choose to enter the field led chips a very important reason.

Lower the cost of big trends

Chip prices fall very fast, but this for GE is a very good thing, GE global LED chips with merchants have a very good relationship, we can with the most preferential price choose the best chips, so our products in the cost are very competitive.

And there was one very worth attention, in addition to the ball steep light, we need to focus on is the whole lighting system will be how to seamless into our life, this is the most important, in the near future, we will see more and more intelligent control to appear. In addition, we predict the future commercial lighting field to high-end lighting products will be great demand, GE in high-end lighting this one will continue to increase R&d, indoor lighting is our key research and development direction.

Currently low cost high photosynthetic efficiency is the most important development tendency, want to make LED for consumers as soon as widely accepted, the price is certainly a very key factors, if the price is less than 10 dollars, I think there will be a lot of consumers are willing to pay for the LED products.

The decision to reduce the cost of meaning

You know, philips lighting applications not only in the field, in the LED chips, LED lighting manufacturers package field also has a lot of investment, and the focus of GE only put LED light source lamps use development, GE in China about strategic thinking, everybody knew that GE is a diversified company, lighting is just one part of a business, but GE of China market very seriously, and we in Shanghai, in all has a research and development center, the next few years we will continue to expand research and development personnel team, not only such, GE for China's market value is also present in the very top managers in China.

Philips Lumileds lighting company solid-state lighting consultant and former chief technical officer George Craford

Now we mainly is to use big chip, larger chip can achieve higher efficiency, and if the future can solve the problem of high current we can get smaller chips; Another question is about manufacturing, if can realize 6 inches substrate technology, can achieve higher efficiency, so the approach can reduce costs, but we now the whole manufacturing capacity is big, can form the problem of excess capacity, this seems to also can make the price of the product is reduced, but in fact is the price being dragged down! LED flat lamp mocvd machine while there is no excess capacity problem, but we have to get through this a tough period.

China is a better market, is a constant in the expansion of the market, we feel that China is a good market opportunity, although in the market competition will exist, but competition everywhere can see actually, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China are all over the competition, so the future I think we must be brave to participate in the competition.

First look at the LED lighting market, we estimated 2010 ~ 2015 in LED lighting compound annual growth rate will reach 70%. To achieve this, should have two premises: one is efficiency; One is the cost. These two points are actually having a close relationship, especially LED the cost reduction, should be a key of the key. Cost must be faster to come down, we will be after 10 years to reduce cost 10 times. To read the energy department data, you can see that in 2020 LED to the performance of the 200 lm/W, and the cost will reduce 10 times.

Sum up, our customer needs higher efficiency of the system, hope for a very high return on investment, and reduce the cost of lumen/dollars, and improve the quality of the light.

Business model is key to winning

Cree LED components market with application senior director Mike Watson

At present all seemed very focused in the ascension of the performance and cost reduction LED, but I want to say is, solid-state lighting industry and other industries, can have technical breakthrough, but things are often the, the final victory does not belong to the open technology, we or more need to change our business model, more concentration on the difference of the business model.

In fact, I think our customers really need is not a new packaging device, and they don't module, also don't board chip, they want a real value, is a lighting solution.

Pay more attention to in the business model, and not smooth effect, this is our crucial. We want to tell our end users value, and then have the application mode, with application will promote the development of technology, will drive our competition, competition will bring lower cost, so now we want to take this mode, or it may not happen 10 times the cost reduction.

Day and chemical industry corporate executive vice President and chief operating GuanTian proposal on the ring

The future of LED the market should be said may do more and more, especially the LED illumination market. LED in 2011 of us $10 billion as the size of the market, by 2020 will realize the scale of 20 billion dollars.

Intense competition in the way to win

We can see, now everyone focused on China, day and now 90% of the income from Asia, we also attach great importance to the Chinese market, and I think that China has a lot of chances to us, a significant challenge is how to seize the China market growth opportunities, I think we as a supplier you have to be ready for such rapid growing market ready, for example, day and will establish factory in China investment and r&d center, to provide more efficient service.

And in the present such a not very healthy in hard environment, enterprise to want to do? I think the important thing is to pay more attention to management, without good management, and it's hard to say with the future. So how do we in such a complex environment to win, I have some suggest you consider: first, is to do well the management, be good at to adjust, courage, be patient; Second, we should focus on business LED; Third, the equipment and development of continuing the investment; In addition, continue to provide better quality and lower cost of the product, also want to pay attention to the supply of professional and technical personnel.

And look at the LED illumination market, to 2015 LED lighting market may account for 50% of the market for the whole lighting, led the user will become more and more big.

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