Aladdin LED Lighting

by:Getian     2020-08-03

LED Aladdin Limited was established in 2009. Company's operation focuses on the COB ( Chip On Board )LED light source product design and R & D. Home lighting light source and commercial lighting light source are the major product lines of our company.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) light source is dedicated to develop lighting products for the next century and this is an undeniable fact. Global energy resource is limited; none the less needs for energy are insatiable at best. In the area of green and environmental protection conscientious lighting products, LED Aladdin invested large amount of human resources in research and development to develop a series of COB LED light sources to cater for existing and traditional lighting requirements. According to our current product line, ready-made light sources such as 2w, 3w, 4w, 5w and 10w are all available for sale. In addition, all of our products are fully designed/manufactured in-house here in Chinas(Fujian) to ensure high quality standard is maintained.

Aladdin LED Lighting optics is one vital concept that is not just about in pursuit of brightness in which many of the off-the-shelf LED products pursues. The light sources designed and manufactured by our company stresses the ease for consumer acceptance and while its been lit, our light sources shall provide light performance that matches traditional lighting requirements at the same time utilizing the chips low power consumption nature to help the general population in saving considerable electricity bills.

Aladdin LED Lighting Global resources are limited however human needs are unlimited, therefore using 'the least possible energy resource' to create 'the brightest light source' is the ultimate goal that LED Aladdin has dedicated itself to achieve. We wish going forward, on the path towards future of lighting, Fujian Aladdin Co., Ltd would be your desired partner.

Aladdin LED Lighting 'Having had the support from our clients, our suppliers and our dedicated staff, LED Semicon has the experience and the technical expertise to share with our new clients in relation to light source applications, custom designed light source, LED driver(transformer) as well as backlight modules. Contact LEDaladdin:

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