According to Russian media reports, the LED lamp

by:Getian     2020-07-27

At present, the slow pace of Russia's domestic production and development of LED products. Despite the economic modernization program within the framework of the state has increased efforts to support, however, LED commercial development in Russia is difficult, mainly because of lack of infrastructure to carry out high-tech manufacturing and technology base.

At the same time, the proportion of imports of energy products increased sharply in Russia, most of which products are imported through illegal channels, the quality does not conform to international standards. The proportion of high-quality products does not exceed 20% of all imported lamps.

the the Mitsui metal (Mitsui Mining & Smelting) issued a press release announced that will exit the liquid crystal film flip-chip package (COF; of Chip On Film) market, mainly due to the recent sluggish sales of flat-screen TVs, the price decline, coupled with LCD TV makers have takenThe system of measures, so the analysis the COF career earnings of converting in the reply. The Mitsui metal that stop the production of COF, will be held in the end of June 2012.

IHS chief PV analyst Dr. Henning Wicht said: 'The residential and institutional investors to support green initiatives and sustainable funding under driven, Germany since 2009, the countries with the highest global photovoltaic system installation.However, in the first half of 2011, the installed capacity of the country's stagnant, though the market recovery in the second half, but can not make up for the annual growth rate of the same time, the Italian government's generous subsidies standards of the country's installed capacity increased significantly and becamethe world's top. '

Germany's new PV systems installed capacity in the first half of 2011, only 1.7GW-- less than a full year one-third of the total. The beginning of high module prices caused buyers to postpone the purchase plan, until the cost down. However, the German power grid agencies reported figures show that installed capacity between June 2011 to September for the 2.3GW to 2.2GW, more than the original estimate of IHS. System prices and the subsidies will be further reduced in January 2012, and other reasons, in October, November and December, the installed capacity has reached a climax.

At the same time, due to the very attractive subsidy standards as well as government subsidy mechanism to adjust and come out on top of new PV installed capacity in Italy this year. Had a flat in the second quarter, third and fourth quarters of installed capacity is expected to reach alarming 2GW, Italy became the leader of this year's PV market.

Mitsui Metal, COF outside the company will exit the tape grain bonding package (TAB; Tape Automated Bonding) market. The Mitsui metal that will be held in the end of June 2012 to stop production of plasma panels (PDPs) using the TAB, and other TAB product also discontinued in will be held in March 2013. The Mitsui metal pointed out that with the exit of the COF, / TAB market, a subsidiary of MCS will be dissolved.

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