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by:Getian     2020-07-21

Maybe begin from now swaddling bands of this generation of baby, don't know what 'bulb'.

The national development and reform commission requires on October 1, 2012 forced more than 100 w incandescent lamp production and sales, in 2013 began to gradually eliminated incandescent. Incandescent lamp once was very popular. This old man is respected, she replaced candles and oil lamps; She is a giant, we the late-starter technological innovations are all over her shoulder. Led supplier China once said.

She went away about three centuries. Our future generations should use technology innovation to create a more energy-efficient light source, that is what we comfort the old man.

The future maybe is no longer the same metal halide lamp, energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and lanterns we called energy-saving. There must be more energy conservation and environmental protection products. But keep in mind that our lamps and lanterns of every period of history, their achievement is indelible. They made great contributions to human civilization.

Led supplier China says, more than 80 companies opened this year. It is estimated that the industry is still faced with larger pressure.

Affected by the core economy, known as the city of the Chinese LED, shenzhen LED manufacturers begin to push to this. Reporter got the news from shenzhen LED industry association that, according to the association of data statistics, this year in shenzhen opened the LED production enterprises has reached more than 80.

A lot of data appeared that LED property overheated now. Two years ago 1 watt LED chip price is about $3, but now had fallen to less than $1. Some chips made in Taiwan and the mainland are cheaper, and three people coin a grain. Sapphire substrate price (with 2 inch product to calculate) in the third quarter will be rise in price. With Korea factory on STC capacity expanded significantly, q3 price is less than $20, according to Steven OFweek semiconductor lighting network statistics, 2 inches of sapphire substrate in the first quarter of this year the cost is $30 / piece, but by the end of September, the price dropped to $10, drop beyond 60%.

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