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Taking precautions such as eating healthy and using good hygiene and acne prevention products could prevent acne in the first place. Unfortunately, these preventive actions won't work for everyone and acne scars may be the end result. If so, here are some options for acne scar removal. These are not 100% removal products, as there is seldom anything that works 100%, but they will help lighten the scars and make them much less noticeable.

1. Mederma - A topical grease free gel that flattens out and minimizes the visual presence of scars. It helps both old and new scars and is not just for acne, but any other scars you may want to lessen the appearance of. On new scars applying the gel 3-4 times a day for 8 weeks should produce results. When working on older scars it may take up to six months of applying three to four times daily to reach your optimum goal. If it's possible to begin a healing therapy on the scars acne leaves early on, it will take a shorter period of time to see good results.

2. Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel - This is a facial peel that will smooth out the skin tone and lighten the coloration of scars. This strong acid peel should only be put on your face a couple times a week for a month and a half. Discontinue usage of it after that period of time for one month to allow your skin to bounce back from the acid treatment. Don't leave it on your skin for more than a couple minutes to start out and rinse with a lot of water to remove the peel. It's also a good idea to use a neutralizing skin balancer after rinsing prusely to neutralize the acid. This peel probably will not work effectively for everyone and reviews seem to proclaim that the darker the skin, the less it seems to work. It seems normal to have acne breakouts after the initial application, but if used properly, which includes not being aggressive when applying it to the skin, you should notice some great results after several weeks.

3. Invicible Scar Treatment - This is an application that has one of the highest ratings for a scar healing product. It's hypoallergenic and results will be seen within two to three months. Two of the ingredients that help with the healing of acne scars are Dual Vitamin C Complex and ProBiosyn-4. Dual Vitamin C Complex will normalize the production of collagen, helping to fill in the indentations of acne scars and make them more flush with the rest of the skin. ProBiosyn-4 contains licorice extract and aloe which seem to lessen the dark coloration of some acne scars and help fight off new acne break-outs. This is a pretty expensive product, but appears to be one of the best performing products on the market for scar removal.

4. New-Skin Scar Fade - This is a skin product that has been used and recommended by physicians for years to lessen the visual appearance of scars. It is applied 2x/day and you should see good results within 6 weeks. This product can be used on both old and new scars and doesn't produce an odor. It can be a bit tacky at first, but will harden as it dries and the reviews seemed to be rather encouraging about the results of this product.

5. Acne Blue Red LED Light Therapy - This is a non-invasive acne scar therapy that not only heals acne scars, but also clears current acne breakouts. It's healthy and safe to use because there are no UV rays to damage your skin. The blue lights help relieve current acne problems and the red lights encourage the manufacturing of new collagen, filling in the depressions of acne scars with new skin. Using the light therapy for 15 minutes will help improve milder cases of acne although the acne may get worse before you see the improvement. This may happen because the blue lights are trying to get rid of the bacteria from beneath the skin and extracting it in the form of pimples. If you continue with the treatment, all that disgusting bacteria will eventually be extracted and improvement will be noticeable..

Preventing acne scars to begin with is of course best, but when that can't be helped, then try one of the above options. With more research, you will probably be able to discover even more promising solutions for getting rid of scars caused by acne.

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