50w rgb led light show

by:Getian     2020-08-09
We were at an auction selling labels and I saw a 6 feet fried pumpkin for $10.
It didn\'t seem to work, so I grabbed it.
When I got home, I found that five bulbs were broken inside.
Since I want to add an arduino-controlled RGB LED chip on it, it doesn\'t matter.
I just cut the rope and put a 110V plug on the lead that came out of the motor housing.
I installed the 50w RGB Led using the old Pentium III radiator and fixed the series resistor on the radiator.
This makes it easy to use my other illustrative Universal light controller.
I live near an active airport, so I used a 24v power supply instead of a 36v power supply I chose the resistor.
I started thinking that a 6000 lumens flash might not be a good idea in my front yard.
I use the star shell on the dollar store wall light as a diffuser.
I just tied it to the top of the LED assembly.
A couple of mini bungee cord fixed everything on the fan case.
The power supply is connected to the 110V socket on the old string wire.
The same controller can make a snowman.
I just haven\'t found anything cheap enough yet.
This is a pumpkin for Halloween night.
I made a smaller version for the real carved pumpkin.
These use only 10w LED connected in parallel.
Even at that time, we had to point the LED to the back wall of the pumpkin so that people would not blindly go to the house.
I put the series resistor in some-
220 radiator and install the LED to the front.
They are just allowed to hang on the pumpkin.
This is a wall of 12 V.
This is a pumpkin for Halloween day and night. . . . .
For the rest of the year, I have to find the use of these things.
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