3528 and 5050 patch, which are among the most

by:Getian     2020-08-03

SMD LED 3528 is a medium soft output, low-heat LED chips. In the 5300 meter reels they are generally between the chip 120 to 220lm / m (pure white), which is enough to project a level of about 300 millimeters, or even light from there to install (1 '). Some vendors provide ultra-white version, can provide up to 360lm / m for this type of LED chip area, the average power consumption of 5W / m, however, provide a higher density of large firms also scroll, 5 meters per roll of 600 chips, which provide up to 440lm / m (pure white), which can even be higher 720lm / ultra-white version with the manufacturer meters. In this case, the power consumption of about 10W / m most of the 3528 light bar can be cut every 3 LED modules, or 50mm (2 ') 300 chip reels and 25mm (1' 600 chip scroll). SMD3528 a single color lights with lighting solutions. In terms of price, they are cheaper options.

5050 SMD LED flexible light strip is a high-power, high-calorie choice of SMD LED. Often referred to as the three core section (when close attention to the three different regions can be identified on the chip.) With this type of test strips SMD LED soft usually have more variety of choice, is the most common chip, each 30 meters (360lm / white rice), about 7.5 W / m power consumption, the normal density of reel also offers a high number of vendors density, usually in a short reel, such as 3 meters, 60 meters of each chip, providing about 14.5 W / m power amazing 720lm / white rice, as we have seen, can provide more than 3 times the 5050 patch, 3528 shall, therefore, 5050 LED light output is a very suitable for light work may be subject to high levels of ambient light. 5050 Light can also work as an ordinary fluorescent tube lighting replacement and light boxes. Therefore, logically, they are more expensive, but for high brightness, they are preferred because of their generally lower cost per lumen requirements of the installation.

In addition, the 5050 is in both monochrome and RGB color change models. Change the color version requires an additional control, but can produce millions of different colors, so finding the right shade or combination is a simple matter of programming.

What kind of SMD-type is better? The answer is simple, it depends. The requirements for low luminosity, color and cost are key factors when the basic lighting project, and SMD3528 prevail. For more demanding installation projects or RGB, and SMD5050 is the obvious choice.


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