100w led grow light setup

by:Getian     2020-08-08
On this page I would like to show you my basic setup and share the experience with the 100W LED chip.
You can get multiple colors/wavelengths online.
However, my project is focused on a special type of chip, which is in the so-called PAR-
This is the range between 400 and 840 nm required for plant growth.
My goal is to build a relatively compact unit using a CPU cooler, boost converter that converts 12v DC to about 30-
34 V for LED, and all necessary accessories that help monitor light performance and maintain the ideal climate for crop growth.
This tutorial is not ready yet.
The LED works fine, but I still need to do some testing after my final.
My goal is to keep the LED as cool as possible while keeping the fans as quiet as possible.
Of course, not all the sections listed below are really necessary.
I split the parts list below into two parts: Items that are absolutely critical to lighting up LED lights like this, and other parts that I find useful for making a small growl box.
The main suppliers of these electronic products are the sellers of AliExpress. com.
I have only had good experience there so far.
Sometimes it takes some time for the goods to arrive, but the price is really worth waiting.
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